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Another batch of eggs incubating

With our success, and enjoyment, of our first two attempts at chick hatching, we decided to take it up a notch. Thanks to my folks, who decided to give me an early birthday present, we bought ourselves a larger incubator and have another twenty eggs “cooking”.

We're on day ten of the incubation process, so we did a bit of candling to see how the clutch is progressing. Out of the twenty eggs we collected, fifteen were fertilized and growing nicely. So, we're hoping that in another eleven days, we'll have another fifteen chicks. Once these chicks hatch, we're going to try selling them, locally. If we don't sell them, that's okay; we'll be glad to add more chickens to our flock. If we do sell them, then we'll get another batch of eggs in as soon as we can.

This new incubator has the capacity to incubate up to forty eight eggs. It does so a little differently than the smaller incubator we purchased last month. Rather than roll the eggs, this incubator rocks them back and forth. It seems to do the job, as the eggs to seem to be developing just fine.

The only issue we see with this incubator is that it seems to have to work harder to maintain an even temperature. I suppose the issue is that it has a larger space that it needs to heat, so there is a bit of a temperature fluctuation. But, it obviously doesn't seem to be damaging to development of the chicks.

This incubator does have some improvements over the other one. First, it can report humidity levels, as well as count down the number of days the eggs have been incubating. Once the incubating process is done, I'll do a more detailed review for the YouTube channel.

So, cross your fingers for us. If we're lucky, in another eleven days, we'll have fifteen healthy baby chicks and on our way of bringing in a little extra income for the homestead. We'll keep you informed. I've also been working on a website to help advertise and sell the chicks (and eggs). It's not ready for prime time just yet, but feel free to take a look and tell me what you think. It's at this URL:


48 egg incubator


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