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Chem-trails Are Real

One of the reasons we came out here, to live on the prairies, off-the-grid, was so that we could have a more personal relationship with God. With less distractions of the world to get in our way, we can hear His voice so much clearer. But, what living out here has also done is put is in more direct contact with the Lord's creation. We have a much more intimate relationship with the animals around us, both wild and domestic, and we've gained a better understanding and appreciation for how He designed them.

But, out here, we've also become more aware of our environment, as much of our success or failures revolve around how we handle the challenges of the weather. And one of the things that has become apparent to us is how weather is being manipulated by the use of “chem-trails”.

Officials like to tell us that what we call chem-trails are nothing more than condensation that is produced by jet engines and are simply water particles that harmlessly dissipate into the atmosphere. Granted, there are such things as condensation trails, but what we see out here are not condensation trails.

You can clearly see the difference between condensation trails and chem-trails. A condensation trail quickly dissipates and fades in the sky a minute or two after the jet has flown by. Chem-trails grow and expand, and ultimately blankets the sky in a thin film of cloud. As more and more trails get put down by more jets, the sky is soon covered in a thick blanket of man-made cloud, filled with what ever chemicals they see fit to put in their chemical trails.

What we also notice is that these chem-trails produce low pressure systems that causes the winds to blow, and blow strong. They also seem to dry out the air, as if the chem-trail is actually acting like a desiccant. So, not only are the winds we get, hours after these trails are left, are stronger than normal, they are also dry.

This is climate change that is not only man-made, but it's climate change that little people, like you and me, can do nothing about. Worse of all, as tax payers, we're paying for this climate change, while at the same time, our government officials are penalizing us for climate change by forcing us to pay things, like “carbon taxes” and denying us certain luxuries.

It truly is diabolical and an abomination to God's creation.

The clouds in the photos below are not clouds at all, but chem-trails. This was over the course of a couple of hours. When we first woke up, the sky was crystal clear. Then, the jets began to fly overhead, leaving their chem-trails behind. And before the morning was over, this is what the sky looked like.


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