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Time for planting

Happy Victoria Day to our readers/visitors from Canada. This is an important holiday to Canadian gardeners, as it's the holiday that signals to us that the days of below freezing temperatures are generally behind us until autumn. Although, last night, we did see the temperatures go down to six degrees.

Even thought the weather hasn't been all that cooperative, mostly due to high winds, we were able to get some planting done in the garden. We were able to sow in our tomatoes, carrots, pole beans, snow peas, sugar baby melons, cucumber, and four rows of corn (with twenty four seeds per row). We have a couple of empty spaces left for some seedlings we picked up this week, and for some squash that was sent to us from our friend and fellow YouTube'r, Dale Calder.

This weekend, we saw that our Kennebec potatoes were coming up, as well as our onions. And, last year's strawberries had blooms on them this weekend, as well as some new off-shoots coming up. But, the big surprise for us was with the raspberries. We thought for sure that the canes we planted last year did not survive the winter. But, when Janice went up to check on them this week, she was surprised to see a bunch of new growth springing from the base of most of the canes. So, hopefully, we can cultivate them a little bit this year and have a nice hedge of raspberries growing there, soon.

This morning we were treated to a bit of entertainment from the local wildlife. Two partridges were chasing each other up and down the driveway in classic Benny Hill fashion. It was quite amusing to watch, and I was able to catch a few minutes of it on camera.

Hope that you are all having a blessed spring and that what ever you have planned for the upcoming summer season is a success and brings you joy and happiness.



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