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The importance of being prepared

The weather forecast said that the area was in for some heavy rains and a chance of snow.  Unfortunately, they didn't seem to emphasize how well of a chance of snow that was, nor how much was actually on it's way.  Although we're not without means of getting off the homestead if we really needed to, as far as we're concerned, we're snowed in for a few days.

Thankfully, we always try to have resources on hand for any situation, out here on the homestead.  So, being "snowed in" isn't all that bad at all.  Actually, after several weeks of long days harvesting in the fields, the peace and quiet has been very restful.

Unfortunately, the chickens aren't all that impressed with the snow and have been staying inside the coops for the last few days.  I'm hoping that, if the sun makes an appearance today, they'll be enticed to step out and do some foraging later today.

As for us, we've been staying dry and cozy, sitting next to the wood stove in our little cabin.  We're looking forward to the return of the warmer temperatures, as they are predicting, as we need to get back into the garden and dig up the second half of our potato harvest.  Hopefully they'll be okay, for the most part, after all of this moisture and snow.

Got some snow at the homestead.
Chopped some kindling for the wood stove.




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howard salliss on :

We enjoyed seeing your video showing the grain harvest, hard work, long days!
The snow reminds me of how close we are to winter, especially now the nights are closing in. I am still working to finish our new barn, almost there, one wall to close in. Only managed to get out once so far moose hunting. We both have a licence, I hope we can at least snag one moose!
Eija is still harvesting. The root cellar is almost full, still have carrots, parsnips Jerusalem artichokes and some more rutabagas to bring in. Eija is also busy pressure canning food, so we are really busy all in all.
We are being battered by the remnant of hurricane Mathew, heavy rain, over a hundred mil in some areas and violent winds with gusts to a hundred kmh. Lots of wash outs on roads, crazy weather! They warn of another hurricane passing our way for theweekend, Nicola, have to get thelast wall up!. We managed to get our hay moved into the new barn just in time, hadto cover with tarps temporarily, plenty of challenges here too. Making cheese tonight, have to go cut the curds!
All the best to you both, blessings,
Howie and Eija.

David on :

Hello, Howard and Eija! So nice to hear from you. Thank you for your visit and taking the time to share with us. Janice and I are praying for you, out on the east coast. We hope that the hurricane passes you by unscathed.

Sorry I'm not closer, I'd help you get that last wall up on your barn. But, I'm sure you'll get it done before winter sets in. We're told that our autumn weather will be returning to us later this week. We hope so, as we have some wood cutting that we need to get done. Also, we still have half of our potato harvest still in the ground that has to get dug up.

The neighbour I'm driving the grain truck for has offered us the use of his grand-father's root cellar. It's a really large one that is not being used, as his grand-father's homestead is deserted at the moment. It's not too far from us, so it will work out perfectly for us, as we have a lot of potatoes this year.

Good luck with the hunting. We hope you get your moose!

Blessings to you both,

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