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New gallery launched, pending ipernity closure

Since 2008, I've been sharing photos on the social media website called ipernity. It's the only social media site that I use for sharing things, like photos and my blog. But, last year, I set-up a new blog, here at, because there was talk that there was a very real possibility that ipernity would be shutting down.

As of December, of 2016, an official announcement from the ipernity staff stated that, due to lack of funding, the website would be closing at the end of January, 2017, unless a major investor for the site was found.

Many people, who use ipernity, began looking for alternative photo sharing sites, like Facebook and Flickr. But, I will not use those sites and have pretty much decided that I would no longer use any public sharing sites. If I was going to share photos, in the event that ipernity does shut down, I would do it on my own terms. This is why I have created this Gallery site on my Virutalskyhomestead domain.

Doing it this way, I know that I will have complete control over my content and the cost of hosting such a site is actually less than what I was paying ipernity for my club membership.

So, I hope you like the new gallery and enjoy your visit.



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Alan on :

The new gallery looks good David. I've had similar problems with websites being shut down. It's a little frustrating when you invest time in something for someone else to pull the plug, but I guess it's just the way it is. At least however you have this space which you fully control.

David on :

Thank you, Alan!

As you can probably guess, I'm not all that fond of social media in the first place. What I like(d) about ipernity is that it it is a convenient place to do much of the social media activities (blog, photo and video sharing, and off site file storage), presented in a nice and organized fashion.

But, as you've stated, the only way to ensure the stability of such platforms is to do it yourself.

When we lived in the city and had high-speed Interent, I even hosted my own servers. Kind of difficult to do that out here, now. But, I guess one of the reasons we're out here is to learn to rely less on technology and get ready to completely unplug from the matrix when necessary. We will NOT be part of the Beast system, when it is implemented.

(Updated: Just added RSS feeds to the gallery)


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