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Alan on :

Not really a difficult choice if I had to make one, it would be the second everytime!

Hope you're well David and Janice, all the very best wishes,


David on :

Hi, Alan!

Thank you for your well wishes. Yes, we are all doing fine, here. Just looking forward to spring-time. It's been a particularly long winter this year; not much snow, but we've had a few good cold spells. I see that you've had some nasty weather, as well.

But, yesterday I saw our season's first Canada Goose flying over head, so spring can't be too far behind.

The photo was inspired by a post I saw, from an ex-coworker, on LinkedIn. She was posting about a conference that she attended, and my first thought was, if I never see a boardroom again it will be too soon.

Anyway, hope that you and Ann are going well and that you have a wonderful growing season this year!


Andrew Pitstra on :

I take it you don't miss the presentation on the right? It looks fascinating, whatever it is.

Hope you're doing well and are as ready for the summer as we are! Take care.


David on :

Hey, Andrew! Nope, I don't miss the PowerPoint presentations at all.

We are doing well. Although we are looking forward to summer, I'd settle for spring-time right now! LOL!

Actually, the past couple of days we finally hit daytime highs in the double digits. Hopefully the warmer weather will stay. We still have frost in the fields, so seeding is still a few weeks away.

Hope all is well with you.

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