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I never thought this tool would be so useful on a homestead

When you first think of everyday, useful and (at times) critical tools on a farm or homestead, things like a multi-tool, axe, or tractor may come to mind.  I never would have thought that a utility cart would fall into this category, but this is something I've come to use and depend upon just about every day of the week.

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Goodbye for now, Boo

Sad news at the homestead today.  Today we had to put down our kitty, Boo.  We got him back in 2004, when he was six months old.  Next week would have been his thirteenth birthday.

We will miss Boo very much, but we know that our Lord, Jesus Christ, will be caring for his spirit until we can be reunited with him on Judgement Day.


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New gallery launched, pending ipernity closure

Since 2008, I've been sharing photos on the social media website called ipernity. It's the only social media site that I use for sharing things, like photos and my blog. But, last year, I set-up a new blog, here at, because there was talk that there was a very real possibility that ipernity would be shutting down.

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Built my own 35mm camera

Since moving out to live on the homestead, I've learned how to build a lot of things.  But, this is the first time I ever built my own 35mm film, twin lens reflex (a.k.a. TLR) camera from a bunch of plastic parts.  This was a DIY camera kit, from Fotodiox, which Janice gave me as a Christmas gift this past holiday.

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Study shows chicken's intelligence to be quite complex

I'm going into my third year raising chickens, and I can say, without a doubt, that these remarkable animals are more intelligent than we are typically lead to believe. I spend a lot of time with my flock and it amazed me to witness the unique personalities and mannerisms each of my birds possessed. So, it was not a surprise to me to read this study and it's conclusions.

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I'm convinced that buying locally is the best answer

I recently heard about California's new regulations on methane produced by dairy cows (related articles here). But, come on, can this really be enough to reduce carbon emissions to make a considerable difference? I think there's a simpler solution, which doesn't involve the government, nor requires any regulations or tax burdens of any kind. People just need to exercise some discipline and self control and just make the bulk of their meals from locally produced foods.
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The chicken that laid golden eggs

Self sufficiency has been something my wife and I have been working towards for several years, now. Our adventure began in 2009, after the 2008 economic crisis, eventually leading us to living on our own homestead, raising our own animals and growing our own food. Some people still wonder why we'd make such a drastic change to our lifestyle and if it really is worth all this effort. Well, from the sounds of this article, I'd say, with extreme prejudice, yes it is.

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Thank you Lord for the bountiful harvest

At first, it appeared as though autumn came to a screeching halt, when we hit October, and was faced with a prolonged winter. But, suddenly and out of no-where, when we made it to November, the sun came back and has been keeping us in the mid-teens all week. And, as the forecast looks today, we have another wonderful week ahead of us! Thank you Lord!

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The importance of being prepared

The weather forecast said that the area was in for some heavy rains and a chance of snow.  Unfortunately, they didn't seem to emphasize how well of a chance of snow that was, nor how much was actually on it's way.  Although we're not without means of getting off the homestead if we really needed to, as far as we're concerned, we're snowed in for a few days.

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Yup, we're still here!

It's certainly been a while since my last blog entry, but yes, we're still here and doing well.  It's certainly been a busy summer and it's turing out to be a busy fall, as well.  I haven't had much time or energy to spend on the computer.  But, we've gotten a few days of rain, so now I've got some time on my hands to update our (few) blog readers on what's been happening, out here on the homestead.

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Wind and rain, with a chance of more wind and rain

We've had an interesting, if not challenging, start to the gardening season this year.  At first, we thought that it would be a very dry growing season, as there was very little snow on the ground when the melting began and March really wasn't brining much moisture with it.  However, as the first week of summer approached, things changed.

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